Ms Fennessy's
Biology Class
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The Biology Syllabus

1. Biology - The Study of Life

1.1. The Scientific method

1.2. The Characteristics of Life

1.3. Nutrition

1.4. General Principles of Ecology

       Ecology - Made simpler! Part 1

       Ecology - Made simpler! Part 2

       Ecology - Made simpler! Part 3

1.5. A Study of an Ecosystem

2. The Cell

2.1. Cell Structure

2.2. Cell Metabolism

2.3. Cell Continuity

       Mitosis - Made simpler!

2.4. Cell Diversity

2.5. Genetics

3. The Organism

3.1. Diversity of Organisms

3.2. Organisation of the Vascular Structures

3.3. Transport and Nutrition

3.4. Breathing System and Excretion

3.5. Responses to Stimuli

3.6. Reproduction and Growth