Ms Fennessy's
Biology Class
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The Biology Syllabus

1. Biology - The Study of Life

1.1. The Scientific method

1.2. The Characteristics of Life

       Characteristics of Life

1.3. Nutrition

       Function of Food

       Biomolecular Sources and Structure of Food

       Energy Transfer Reactions

       Structural Role of Biomolecules


1.4. General Principles of Ecology

1.5. A Study of an Ecosystem

2. The Cell

2.1. Cell Structure

       Cell Metabolism


       Enzymes (Extended Study)


       The Microscope and Cells

2.2. Cell Metabolism

       Diffusion and Osmosis

2.3. Cell Continuity

       Cell Continunity and Mitosis

2.4. Cell Diversity

       Cell Diversity

2.5. Genetics

       Variation of Species

       Heredity and Gene Expression (DNA and RNA)

3. The Organism

3.1. Diversity of Organisms

3.2. Organisation of the Vascular Structures

       Composition of Blood

3.3. Transport and Nutrition

3.4. Breathing System and Excretion

       The Breathing System

3.5. Responses to Stimuli

       Structures of Response

       Responses in the human

3.6. Reproduction and Growth

       Plant Reproduction

       Plant Reproduction (Extended Study)

       Human Reproduction

       Human Reproduction (Extended Study)

       Human Embryo (Extended Study)