Ms Fennessy's
Biology Class
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This page contains links to your revision homework exercises.
If you leave your questions in school, you can download them from here!! So no excuses!!
Remember to read the question. Some of these questions are tricky and you need to put on a thinking cap!
By the time you work your way through all of these you will be able for anything so don't give up!
Of course, the links to the solutions will not be available until the homework has been completed.
I want you to go over your corrected homework and using either the marking schemes here or the notes you took down in class, correct it using your red biro. I will see it the next time I collect your copy.
This is how you will learn from your mistakes and gain from doing the exercises.
Don't forget to press the Back Button to return to this page when you are done with the exercises.
Christmas Revision Exercises and Solutions 2016
Revision Exercises 2
Revision Exercise 1            Revision Exercise 1 Solutions