Ms Fennessy's
Biology Class
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Welcome. Glad you could make it!

Lots of things should look familiar!

Bear with me. I am in the process of changing things around a little!

You can navigate around the site by using the tabs at the top of the page.
These are slide shows and animations that I made to illustrate various topics.
These are revision cards that can be used when learning your definitions. Off by heart!
Exam Qs
Leaving Cert Exam Papers - Questions and Answers
This is the written homework due each week.
These are password protected for now! Password given in class
I hope to have quizzes here so you can test yourself
Misc and Tips
These contain odds and ends that strike me from time to time

A biologist can't be a plantist!

Thanks to Ayisha and Company (Leaving Certs 2012) for the thinking cap!

Thanks to Rudolph for the antlers. Lol!

Ecology Slide Shows

I designed these slide shows to help you learn your ecology definitions. I suggest that you keep the hand out that I gave you in class nearby so that you can refer to it while you work your way through each presentation. As I said before, think of this as if you were learning vocabulary for a foreign language, you are learning vocabulary for the language of ecology. We will be speaking this language when we do our practical work outside.

Remember the definitions have to be LEARNT OFF BY HEART, WORD PERFECT. Write them out several times in a jotter until you have them in your head. Remember not knowing a definition properly, which you can easily learn with hard work, could lose you valuable marks in the Leaving Cert and determine the rest of your life!!!

Click here for List of Ecology Definitions

The exam paper questions and answers can be printed out for your own reference.
You really should do this and go over them very thoroughly when you are revising.
The more you do this the better you will get at answering exam paper questions.

       A bit of self directed learning is no harm!

Remember your part of the deal.
20mins a night and back over everything at the weekend!

Good Luck with your Study. Hard Work does pay off!!